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Ali Saygili, Sr., began in pipeline construction industry in the early 1960's. He worked his way up from a heavy-duty machines mechanic, to technician, to manager, to project manager on a variety of pipeline projects. From 1975 until his retirement, Ali Saygili supplied manpower resources drawn from his pool of Turkish personnel to many companies, with projects ranging from the Middle East to India, the North Sea and the British Isles.

Following his father's retirement, Ali's son Vedat formed SAYGILI Project Development Consultants Ltd. (SPDC) to continue in his father's tradition of supplying quality pipeline construction personnel to contractors around the world.

All personnel use state-of-the-art technologies in all areas of SPDC, contributing top quality management to the ultimate success of every project, and online banking to ensure monthly salary payment and distribution for each and every employee worldwide including the most remote locations.

Vedat Saygili projects a flexible, sensitive leadership style that acknowledges people as individuals. He empowers and motivates employees to peak performance by responding to employees’ needs with excellent guidance and mentoring. Vedat Saygili ensures that SPDC manages change in a positive proactive manner by clearly communicating project imperatives, objectives, and goals for a team and its individuals.

Vedat Saygili utilizes his dynamic and innovative leadership to create and maintain culturally diverse teams that leads directly to the successful completion of all projects undertaken by SPDC while ensuring these are completed within established timelines and budgetary limitations and guidelines. All of these factors combined create a strong sense of belonging and utmost loyalty for SPDC personnel and allows the organization to enjoy very high retention rates within its ranks of professionals.

SPDC has enlisted over 1,700 qualified personnel in all the fields that a pipeline or construction project might require. Many personnel have been with the company since 1975 and are enlisted through SPDC today and taking an active role in current projects.

Some projects since 1999 in which SPDC has held the active role as manpower supplier are:

Cameroon Onshore Pipeline Wilbros-Spi Capag
Egypt Offshore Pipeline CRC - Petrojet
India Onshore Pipeline NPCC
Bulgaria Offshore Pipeline TPWS-GMC
Turkey Onshore Pipeline Tepe-Nacap BTC Lot-A
Georgia Onshore Pipeline SPIE Capag BTC Pipeline
Georgia Onshore Pump Station SPIE Capag - Punj Lloyd
Nigeria Offshore Pipeline GMC - England
Iraq Onshore Pipeline A&L Underground, USA
Nigeria Offshore Pipeline CRC _ Bilinger Berger
Georgia Onshore Pipeline Spie Capag
Oman Onshore Pipeline TOCO Willbros
India Onshore Pipeline Stroytransgaz
UAE Offshore Pipeline Trident Australasia
Saudi Arabia Offshore Pipeline Leighton Construction
India Onshore Pipeline Kalpataru

The number of personnel supplied has varied from a minimum of 26 persons to 194 mobilized persons at one time in any single project.
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