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The SPDC corporate entity was established through the vision of its founder, Ali Saygili, Sr., an extraordinary man who worked his way up through the ranks in the onshore/offshore pipeline industry from the 1960ís forward.

Ali Saygili pioneered the trend in supplying a qualified workforce to construction companies worldwide in 1975, by providing a highly diverse and qualified supply of pipeline manpower to major projects around the world. Ali Saygili obtained training and practical experience in a range of progressively responsible capacities within the oil pipeline industry such as a heavy-duty machine mechanic, technician, manager, and project manager in a series of major pipeline projects.

In 1975, after 15 years of extensive work and travels in the European pipeline industry, Ali Saygili returned to Turkey on a pipeline project for the Crutcher Resources Corporation (CRC) as the project assistant manager and provided a constant and qualified manpower supply for a key TURKEY-IRAQ pipeline project. His meticulous efforts succeeded in providing highly qualified automatic and manual welders, operators, as well as other numerous and diverse qualified project personnel, who became a primary factor in the overall success of that project. The commitment, dedication, professionalism, durability to work long hours within long-term projects and quality of work from the crew assembled by Ali drew the attention of pipeline contractors worldwide. In 1975 Ali Saygili was the first professional to introduce training for automatic welders in Turkey. This trend has become a sizeable industry within the Turkish construction economy. Ali Saygili then continued to provide qualified manpower resources to major companies including:

Ali Saygili

Company ( From ) Job Location On / Off Shore
Williams Brot. (USA) Saudi Arabia Shore
Techint (USA) Saudi Arabia Shore
Nacap (Dutch-USA) Saudi Arabia Shore
Zachem (Lebanon) Lebanon Shore
NPCC (DLB 1000) Abu Dhabi Off Shore
NPCC (Ship 423) India Off Shore
NPCC (Ship 423) Singapore Off Shore
Northsea (Semac-1) Scotland Off Shore
Brown R. (Semac- 1) Istanbul / Turkey Off Shore
Spie Capag (France) Bombay / India Shore
JGC (Japan) Algeria Shore
Bechtel (USA) Algeria Shore
Enca Spie-Capag Turkey Shore Gas Pipeline
Saipem North-Sea Off Shore Gas line Castro-6
Saipem U.A.E. Off Shore Gas line Castro-5
E.M.C. North Sea Offshore Semac-1
Saipem Norway Off Shore Z pipeline Castro-6
NPCC India-Bombay Off Shore
Bechtel Algeria Gas pipeline
Mannesmann Morracco Gas Pipeline
Saipem-Techint Saudi Arabia Shore line
CCCV-Saipem Algeria Shore line
Petrojet Egypt Off Shore
IOEC Iran Offshore ABZ-1200

Subsequent to Aliís retirement from the business world, Vedat Saygili continues his vision through SPDC by maintaining his business ethics and integrity in every aspect of the industry through personal charisma, dedication, and top quality management abilities.

Through the formation of SPDC, Vedat Saygili solidified Ali Saygiliís vision into a globally successful entity. Vedat continues to provide exceptional manpower resources while bringing 21st century innovations to the organization.

Vedat Saygili

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