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Pipeline Construction Problems? SPDC Means Solutions!

Through the years SPDC has been called on to tackle some of the most difficult tasks in pipeline construction. We are frequently asked to come in at the last moment and save project deadlines. Doing quality work on tough jobs…and bringing the job in on time…is what we are known for.

1) On BTC Lot-A in Turkey, SPDC took on a project for TEPE-NACAP Joint Venture in 2004. Prior to SPDC involvement other subcontractors had completed just 115km of pipeline in almost 18 months. SPDC was contacted to complete the remaining 138 km's of the pipeline and with a deadline of 4 months. SPDC mobilized 194 personnel within 2-3 weeks and completed the project in 4 months total. Accordingly contractors were able to complete the welding deadline on time.

2) On an offshore project in Egypt the contractor was CRC which took on a project from PETROJET. CRC automatic welding systems were being used and when SPDC was contacted there was a 7-week deadline to complete the project. While the first 2 weeks were lost due to bad gas deliveries, SPDC still completed the project on time with a success-breaking a record of up to 182 joints per day and with below allowed repair rate tolerances.

3) On BTC pipeline in GEORGIA where our contractor is SPIE CAPAG, the terrain was very steep and dangerous in a very mountainous area. When operators from other nationals and/or subcontractors where asked to operate on the tough and dangerous terrains, there were hesitations and rejections to take on the work. SPDC's Turkish operators have been tackling the toughest work successfully without accidents and/or losses since 2003.

You can also view a list of some of construction partners, and a number of the projects we have helped with or are now building.


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