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Here are some of the reasons our client firms have chosen SPDC to handle their pipeline and oilfield construction personnel needs:

  • Contractors can benefit from SPDC's most competitive rates, as well as SPDC's reputation for providing some of the top professionals qualified in the field. There is no comparison by rates for the quality of personnel supplied by SPDC. Plus, the SPDC supplied personnel have a teamwork ethic that has made them very tough to compete with on any project.

  • Contractors benefit from SPDC's long term and wide range of project experience which helps with personnel selection and pre-qualification for any project positions requested.

  • Contractors deal only with one company rather then with the personnel individually. This simplifies not only the hiring process but also the ongoing need for the care of and communication with the working staffs' families. SPDC handles all family relational issues to help assure that SPDC supplied personnel can concentrate on the project at hand.

  • Contractors deal only with one account for payments; deal with one invoicing; and need deal with only one office regardless of how many personnel or trade skills are required.

  • Contractors can exchange, reduce, and recall additional manpower as is necessary to meet project requirements.

  • Contractors can receive as many CV's (resumes) from SPDC as desired for review and if it is preferred the contractor may select personnel from the CV's provided based on their background or a specific job qualification.

  • Contractors can benefit from SPDC services for travel arrangements, group discounts from country of departure as well as on consulate affairs and visa/border procedures. These services are available to contractors WITHOUT any commissions to SPDC.
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