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SPDC is a leading supplier of manpower to onshore/offshore pipeline projects, pump stations, oil and gas platform industries, and plants and refineries. It is comprised of 1,700+ registered professional and qualified Turkish personnel from a full spectrum of pipeline industry fields that enable SPDC to successfully assume and manage projects from conception to completion. The primarily Turkish workforce at SPDC ensures that the Turkish manpower who work the projects we undertake possess impeccable integrity and experience that forms the basis for their superb organization, teamwork, and ability to complete projects regardless of the location, project duration, man hours needed per day, or weather conditions. SPDC and its personnel have a reputation as a driving force behind the expedient completion of pipeline and other projects as well as a strong commitment to excellence in that we always finish what we start.

Our ultimate mission is to create a workplace that nurtures training, creativity, respect, safety, and developmental opportunities for individuals while simultaneously providing superior professional services to present and future clientele, contractors, and joint venture partners. SPDC operates in a fiscally and environmentally sound manner while always striving to exceed EPA and other standards on a global basis.

In summary:

  • At SPDC we seek to provide the highest quality personnel for any project in which we become involved.
  • SPDC diligently works to provide for all its workers and their families because we firmly believe that a well cared for workforce will better take care of the job at hand.
  • We envision SPDC growing from one of the leading suppliers of qualified pipeline and oil field personnel to THE LEADING supplier in the industry. We have dedicated ourselves to the accomplishment of this in fulfillment of the vision of Ali Saygili when he founded his original service company

We invite you to consider becoming a part of our vision!

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