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Communication: SPDC maintains direct mobile communication with projects on daily basis, as well as on an as-needed 24-hour hotline basis. This establishes a strong communications line for monitoring of project operational success as well as providing monitoring of any personal or family problems where SPDC can intervene and resolve a problem on behalf of the SPDC personnel or their family.

Communication Equipment: SPDC is fully equipped with "mobile" communications equipment at the job sites. Phones with international access, fax, and data modems such as Nokia 9210 are given to supervisors for direct communications. Documents, receipts, deposit slips of salaries, or any emergency letters or notices are promptly communicated by SPDC to the appropriate personnel so that there are no disturbances or stress which might impact the performance of the people at the jobsite.

Pipeline Personnel Hotline: Prior to dispatching personnel to jobsites a special list of telephone and fax numbers will be given to personnel and their immediate families. In the event there are problems or any emergency within the immediate family of an SPDC staffer these lines may be used to communicate with the personnel at jobsites. If the personnel at job sites are having difficulties reaching their families, they may leave messages with SPDC operators and their families will be immediately notified.

Emergency Hotlines: 24 hours-a-day there will be 2 shifts of 12 hours each established for the sole information of the immediate families of the personnel dispatched to jobsites. This will be only for immediate family emergencies such as any kind of sickness, health problems, accidents etc. If necessary the SPDC "Service Van" that is provided for this emergency hotline will travel to other project locations. There will be drivers on standby as well with mobile phones for any emergency calls.

Health Insurance: Key personnel will be signed up for health insurance so that their immediate families and children will be covered for any kind of sickness and/or medical care. In the event of extreme emergency, the policies will also cover international healthcare and hospitalization. The personnel and families are provided with charts and service descriptions, as well as coverage limits.

Life and Retirement Insurance: Key personnel will receive an 11-year policy from SPDC which  will be paid for by SPDC during that person's active employment through SPDC In case of death their immediate families will be paid from the policy. In the event that a person leaves active employment with SPDC the policy will NOT be cancelled but will be handed over to the individual and they have the option of cashing in the policy or maintaining the payments to retain payouts at a future date.

Social Activities: Each time a job ends successfully, and SPDC personnel return home, there will be a celebration and appreciation night party given for all SPDC personnel and their immediate family. This special benefit is provided by SPDC in appreciation of their efforts in the successful conclusion of the project they were hired to work on.

Transportation: Transportation to and from jobs will be handled as a service by SPDC. SPDC provides door-to-door service for personnel being supplied to a contracting company. This can help avoid delays in scheduling and in travel plans. SPDC hires buses or vans for transportation as required to meet the travel needs of personnel being provided.

Accounting: Each person who is registered as an employee of SPDC and who will be dispatched to jobsites, will have their own file at the SPDC office in Iskenderun, Turkey. This file will retain logs of accounting pay cards, as well as computer accounting registrations. Updated records of salary, bonus, and overtime pay, as well as drawn advances etc. will be retained in this file. Each month a copy of the computer printout and photocopy of all bank deposit slips for salaries will be logged into the files. The information in this file is available to the SPDC personnel at any time.

Payment of Salaries: SPDC makes payments to personnel the fastest way possible utilizing online banking. Each person's account is registered and scheduled for online payment and upon receipt of salaries. Payments are distributed to accounts within a few hours of receipt. SPDC will open an account for each individual registered through SPDC at a reputable bank without any fees and/or deductions. Once the salaries are deposited directly in each individual account, a copy of the deposit slip will be delivered to a family member and the original deposit slip will be kept in the personnel file of the employee. At any time any employee should request a copy of deposit slip of any month for any reason it will be immediately provided for their review.

Travel Planning: SPDC has a direct collaboration with 2 major travel agencies as well as direct contact with major airlines such as Turkish Airlines and its partners. A part of SPDC's services is to provide for group discounts and special ticketing prices and travel accommodations for overnight stays during travel when it is available. This service will be provided by SPDC for any contracting company where the contracting company is directly billed for travel costs of personnel - and SPDC will not accept any commissions, cuts, fees etc. for such services. Any savings will be directly in favor of the contracting company. There have been many problems in the past with third parties arranging tickets for SPDC-supplied personnel. SPDC has resolved this problem by providing this free travel service that allows SPDC to keep track of the people traveling until they reach their designated destination.

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